Authors Guidelines

Authors Guidelines

Manuscript(s) Arrangement

The manuscript(s) should be single-spaced, with a minimum of 2.5 cm margins on all sides, and arranged as follows: Title, Affiliation, Abstract, Keywords, Text, Acknowledgments, Literature cited, Appendix, Tables, Figure legends and Figures. There is no restriction on the length of research papers and reviews, although authors are encouraged to be concise.


The title of the manuscript should be brief (but informative enough to facilitate information retrieval), given preferably in single line; and a suggested running title should also be provided.

Names of Author(s)

The name(s) of author(s) should be listed below the title and the corresponding author should be indicated with asterisk (*). Also, the corresponding author MUST provide his email and fax (if available).

Authors’ Affiliation(s)

The Affiliation(s) of all author(s) should be given clearly and briefly with their institutions, and email addresses.


The abstract should be brief, indicating the purpose/significance of the research, methodology adopted, major findings and the most significant conclusion(s). The abstract should not contain literature citations that refer to the main list of references attached to the complete article and written as a single paragraph. The abstract should be written in past tense; complete sentences, active verbs, and the third person should be used. The abstract should be around 250 – 300 words.


The authors must provide maximum of 5 subject keywords for indexing purposes and to facilitate the retrieval of articles by search engines. Keywords provided should be different from the words that make up the title of the article.


The text should be typed in single column, single space and justified. The text should be subdivided into the following sections:


Introduction must be clear and concise, with relevant references to the nature of the problem under investigation as well as its background, and no sub-headings. Only necessary and latest citations of literature that are required to indicate the reason for the research undertaken and the essential background should be given.

Materials and Methods

The techniques and methodology adopted should be supported with standard references.

Results and Discussion

The results may be presented first, followed by a discussion of their significance. Only strictly relevant results should be presented; and figures, and tables, should be used for purposes of clarity and brevity. The same data should not be presented both in tabular and graphic forms. The discussion should state the implications of the findings and their limitations as well as the conclusions drawn. It should relate the observations to previously published relevant studies and should be supported by relevant references. Long confused and irrelevant discussion should be avoided. Conclusions should not summarize information already present in the text or abstract. Recommendations, when appropriate, may be included.

Review article(s)

Article review should not contain methodology and/or results sections since there is neither any study to describe nor data to be analyzed. The format is as follows: Abstract, 5 key words, Introduction, Relevant section headings, Conclusion and References.


The list of references should conform to the conventions specified in the The list of references should conform to the conventions specified in the APA style.

Tables and Figures

All tables and figures must be relevant and necessary; the same data should not be presented in tables and figures, and does not use short tables for information that can be easily presented using text.

Paper submission

Paper submission deadline is 10th April 2023

Prepare your paper by using this template: Paper-ICGMSI2023

To submit your paper click this link: EasyChair